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c.hints.chars = "arstneio"
c.url.searchengines = {
"DEFAULT": "https://searx.renn.es/search?q={}",
c.url.default_page = "https://searx.renn.es"
c.url.start_pages = "https://searx.renn.es"
# Play youtube videos with mpv
config.bind("<Ctrl+p>", "hint links spawn mpv --ytdl-format=bestvideo+bestaudio/best {hint-url}")
# Set default zoom level to 80%
c.zoom.default = "70%"
c.fonts.default_size = "8pt"
# Open pdfs in browser
c.content.pdfjs = False
# Because I use colemak I need to bind Shift+arrows to the actions of HJKL
config.bind("<Shift+Left>", "back")
config.bind("<Shift+Right>", "forward")
config.bind("<Shift+Up>", "tab-prev")
config.bind("<Shift+Down>", "tab-next")
# Save session on quit
# (Little cheatsheet here: `:w` saves the session, and then you can restore it with `:session-load`.
# Very handy for when you want to close the browser but come back to it later.)
c.auto_save.session = True
# Copy current url to clipboard in orgmode format
config.bind("yo", "yank inline [[{url}][{title}]]")
# Youtube -> Invidious
IV_INSTANCE = "https://iv.renn.es"
config.bind(",i", "open " + IV_INSTANCE + "/watch?{url:query}")
# Dark mode handled by website
c.colors.webpage.preferred_color_scheme = "dark"